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Class VI - XII English

(Weekends Only)

We’re excited to share our approach to English classes for your child in grades VI to XII. Our weekend classes are designed with your child’s success and overall well-being in mind.

Here's why we believe this schedule is optimal:

Strategic Learning

Our weekend classes are focused and strategic, covering key concepts in a way that ensures a strong understanding of the curriculum.

Time Management

We respect your child's busy week. By having classes only on weekends, we give them the flexibility to focus on other subjects during the week.

Quality Learning

We believe in quality over quantity. Two classes a week allow for deep understanding and mastery of English skills.


Our schedule allows your child to balance their studies, leaving room for other subjects and extracurricular activities.

Personal Attention

With a limited number of classes, our instructors can give personalized attention to each student, ensuring their individual needs are met.

Encouraging Balance

We want your child to excel not just academically but also in other areas. Our weekend classes leave space for them to explore hobbies and activities during the week.

Additional Notes

We’re committed to providing a positive and enriching learning experience. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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