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Class Structure for Beginners: Spoken English Program

Greetings and basic introductions.
Learning the English alphabet and pronunciation.
Simple vocabulary for everyday situations.

Forming simple sentences with common verbs and nouns.
Expressing likes, dislikes, and preferences.
Basic question formation and responses.

Learning numbers, counting, and telling time.
Describing daily routines and activities.
Role-play exercises for practical application.

Common words for food, clothing, and household items.
Naming everyday objects and places.
Short conversations in common settings.

Basic present tense verbs and sentence structures.
Talking about present activities and habits.
Engaging in simple dialogues and exchanges.

Introduction to past tense verbs.
Describing past events and personal experiences.
Creating and sharing simple stories.

Basic future tense verbs and expressions.
Talking about future activities and plans.
Role-playing future scenarios.

Engaging in basic conversations in different scenarios.
Expressing needs, making requests, and offering help.
Vocabulary and phrases for common social interactions.

Describing people, places, and things.
Basic adjectives and adverbs.
Participating in descriptive exercises and games.

Vocabulary for travel and transportation.
Asking for and giving directions.
Role-playing common travel situations.

Polite phrases and expressions in everyday conversations.
Understanding formal and informal language.
Practice in polite interactions.

Review of key concepts and vocabulary.
Practical activities and role-plays incorporating learned skills.
Individual feedback and encouragement for continued practice.

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Classes for beginners will focus on creating a supportive and interactive environment, emphasizing practical communication skills, and gradually building confidence in spoken English.

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