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General English

(SSC, CUET, CDS, Bank PO, Etc)

Month 1: Building Foundation and Basic Concepts

Overview of different government exams and their General English sections.
Understanding question patterns and time management strategies.
Introduction to common topics such as reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

Basic grammar rules and concepts.
Focus on parts of speech, sentence structure, and common grammatical errors.
Grammar exercises and practice questions.

Building a strong vocabulary for comprehension and sentence completion.
Word roots, synonyms, antonyms, and contextual usage.
Vocabulary quizzes and games.

Techniques for effective reading comprehension.
Practice sessions with diverse passages and question types.
Speed reading techniques and time-saving strategies.

Month 2: Advanced Concepts and Practice

In-depth study of complex grammatical structures.
Common error types in sentence correction.
Practice exercises for advanced grammar.

Developing critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills.
Logical deduction and inference in passages.
Analyzing complex sentences for meaning.

Exam-specific topics such as banking and financial terminology (for Bank PO), scientific passages (for CDS and NDA), etc.
Tailoring content based on the specific requirements of different exams.
Practice sessions with exam-oriented questions.

Conducting mock tests to simulate exam conditions.
Full-length practice exams to assess overall preparedness.
Detailed analysis of mock test performance for improvement.

Month 3: Exam-Specific Strategies and Revision

Tailoring strategies for different exams (CUET, Bank PO, SSC, etc.).
Time management tips during the exam.
Last-minute preparation strategies.

Comprehensive revision of all topics covered.
Addressing doubts and clarifying concepts.
Individualized attention to areas of weakness.

Intensive practice sessions with a focus on weak areas.
Providing regular feedback and guidance for improvement.
Fine-tuning strategies for specific exam requirements.

Final review of essential concepts and strategies.
Confidence-building sessions and motivational discussions.
Tips for managing stress during the exam.

Additional Notes

Regular interaction through doubt-solving sessions and Q&A.
Encourage self-study and provide additional resources for practice.
Dynamic adjustments to the schedule based on the pace and needs of the students.
Emphasize the importance of regular practice, time management, and strategic thinking in approaching General English sections in government exams.

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