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Kids (6 Months)

Course Overview

Unleash Imaginations!

Nurture your child’s creativity with our engaging Creative Writing course designed exclusively for kids. Over a delightful 6-month journey, your young writers will embark on an exploration of imagination and storytelling.

What Your Child Will Experience

– Sparking creativity with imaginative prompts.
– Crafting characters and setting the stage.

– Painting pictures with words.
– Creating vivid scenes and atmospheres.

– Bringing characters to life with unique personalities.
– Exploring character motivations and growth.

– Crafting compelling story arcs.
– Adding suspense and surprise elements.

– Introducing the beauty of poetic expression.
– Experimenting with various poetic forms.

– Polishing and perfecting young masterpieces.
– Encouraging constructive feedback.

Teaching Approach

– Fun and interactive sessions tailored for young minds.
– Encouragement of self-expression and unique storytelling styles.
– Creative writing games and exercises to keep learning enjoyable.
– Small class sizes for personalized attention (3 classes a week, 1 hour each).

Let the Journey Begin

Ignite your child’s passion for storytelling! Enroll them in our Creative Writing for Kids course today, where every class is a step towards unleashing their boundless imagination. Limited spots available.

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