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Kids (3 Months)

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Kids Personality Development Program – Building Bright Futures!

Unlock the potential within your child aged 8-15 with our dynamic Personality Development Program. Over an enriching 3-month journey, we offer engaging one-hour classes thrice a week, focusing on instilling confidence, communication skills, and positive character traits.

Focus Areas:

• Fun activities to boost self-esteem.
•Techniques to overcome shyness and express ideas.
  • Develop strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Engage in interactive exercises for clear expression.
  • Cultivate values like teamwork, responsibility, and empathy.
  • Encourage good manners and ethical behavior.

Teaching Approach

  • Interactive sessions tailored to capture the attention of young minds.
  • Role-playing and group activities for hands-on learning.
  • Personalized feedback to foster individual growth.
  • A positive and supportive environmentpromoting self-discovery.

Why Choose Our Program

  • Equip your child with essential life skills.
  • Enhance social and emotional intelligence.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility and leadership.

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Join our Kids Personality Development Program and witness your child flourish into a confident and well-rounded individual. Limited spots available – secure your child’s spot now!

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